[Listen] Alyx Ander Releases Remix EP For “Wake Up The Night”

[Listen] Alyx Ander Releases Remix EP For “Wake Up The Night”

A little while back, Alyx Ander had his debut single “Wake Up The Night”, featuring Caroline Pennell, release and critics gave a lot of praise to the DJ himself, and of course, received love from his fans. The track went so well, TIME Magazine put the tune up on one of their “5 Songs You Must Listen To This Week” articles, along with EDM Sauce naming Alyx their “Artist of the Week”. While this was all going on, top-list producers such as TiestoAvicii, and more were including this song in their sets and podcast shows. You could say things were going very well for Alyx.

Well, now you can enjoy more fresh takes of this track with the new remix EP for “Wake Up The Night”! While Gramercy offers a classic house taste to the tune, Medii x BEAUZ delivers a future bass sound that goes alongside Caroline Pennell‘s voice. Alyx Ander also gives it another twist himself with his chilled out version!

Alyx says that he is extremely proud of all the work that has happened with this track.

“I just love the remixes that we’ve pulled together for the song. You know it’s a song that will stand the test of time when the top-line works on an array of production styles. Caroline really did an amazing job.”

Stream all of the remixes of “Wake Up The Night” on Soundcloud down below!

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