[Listen] Boogie Lights Remix Keep The Faith By Moon Boots

[Listen] Boogie Lights Remix Keep The Faith By Moon Boots

I can feel the nostalgia. Boogie Lights is the New face of Electronic Dance Funk, a new genre that is emerging. Blending iconic blends of 70’s punk, Boogie Light’s new remix of Keep The Faith ft Nic Hanson by Moon Boots is something you should check out. If you haven’t checked it out, put on your Jimmy Jr. Headphones and dance. (Bobs Burgers episode reference). The song is a perfect mixture of 70’s influenced funk and modern EDM music.

Boogie Lights is The New Face Of Electric Dance Funk

Boogie Lights effortlessly pulls influences from old school Funk, Disco, Soul and Hip Hop. Reviving it with the heartbeat of 21st century EDM, focusing on soulful Deep House, funk-filled Nu-Disco, and upbeat Tropical House.

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But wait, there’s more. His live shows have a Big Gigantic feel. Such as, consistently feature a special guest or two, on vocals, guitar, sax. Keeping the integration of live music alive.

The original song has an easy listening feel. With smooth vocals and harmonizing chorus in the background, Boogie Lights did an amazing job keeping similarities to the original song by Moon Boots.

Want more Boogie Lights? Check him out on our Music Monday on September 25. Exclusively on the Mix247edm News Facebook page.


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