[Listen] Check Out Late Summer With BRB x JackEL

[Listen] Check Out Late Summer With BRB x JackEL

Say hello to Late Summer! If you’re looking for an easy listening track, “Late Summer” is the track for you!

With a collaboration with BRB and JackEL, it’s the perfect song for the end of summer.

Check Out Late Summer BRB x JackEL

I don’t want to give too much away without debuting here on Mix247edm, but just know that it’s everything in one track. It’s easy listening, melodic and soothes you. It reminds you of summer. With BRB x JackEL collaborating, it just speaks to the theme of the EP coming out. BRB is here with us to talk about his EP,” To Be or Not” and new single Late Summer with JackEL

Behind “Late Summer”


Mix 247 EDM: We are here with BRB today, how’s it going? I’m doing pretty good! In the music studio doing a lot of tracks. Waiting for the EP to drop! No big deal haha.

Tell us about your new EP! The new EP consists of  6 songs on it and it’s called “ To Be or Not”. Which will be followed by another EP called “ To Be.” The name was thought of by my mom when we were hanging out one night and she was drunk and she said: “ To Be or Not To Be.” My mom, you can say is one of my fans and inspiration. She always supports me and is someone I look up to.

Skrillex is one of My Inspirations

Who would you say is one of your biggest inspirations? Skrillex is one of my inspirations. Now that he’s out of the limelight, he’s getting all this backlash. Little do people know, he put EDM where it is today. He is a huge inspiration to me and it’s no way to be duplicated since he’s one of a kind. I was inspired by it and collaborated Break, and Bad Man and Rude Boy are on the EP as well. They have two songs on the EP. Alongside with the soundbites of the Ragga Twins. It was an amazing experience using vocals that I grew up listening too and incorporating their sounds. Ragga Twins are sampled on two tracks. So definitely check that out! It’s a listening experience for sure.

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Working with JackEL

In the EP I have two singles with JackEL. One single with JackEL which is Late Summer and he mixed and mastered Break I spent two sessions with him picking stems and he did the live guitar and live synth. He is the most established person I’ve worked with. He has an amazing story.

From moving to Las Vegas when he was 16, he is a go-getter and all of that. His new EP is out” Breathe Easy”, he’s constantly remixing and in the industry, you want to surround yourself with established people. We’re good friends and it was a great thing to collaborate with him. It’s always good to surround yourself with positive people to help you grow.

What’s one of the things that solely inspires your music and sound?  A lot of my influences is from Deep house music but I’ve been getting a lot of good reactions to reacting Hip Hop remixes. Genre doesn’t stop me when it comes to incorporating and pushing the boundaries for new sounds. I don’t want to corner myself in one genre, you know? I play open format when I perform. Yes, you make mistakes, but each of those opens up a mix you’d never make.

Special Shout Outs

What do you want people to take away from your EP?  I want people to tune in and expect new things from me weekly. Also, I want to have a relationship with all of my fans. I want to break the MAINSTREAM sound. I’ve always wanted to have a signature sound and that evident with Rezz, Getter, Skrillex, Thomas Jack, Claude Von Stroke. I want people to enjoy the experience.

 Who do you want to thank today?  I want to thank you Lexi and Mix247edm, to my mom. Shout out to JackEl, Vince, Chris Stack from RBeatz radio, Ms. Kelly Lynn, Andrew Ward for making it happen, Victor From VBC Productions and my yesterdays family in Clifton NJ and the 606 house in West Virginia. Now it’s time to make a change in the events!

Tune in next week with an exclusive interview with JackEL

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