Listen: Damaged Goods Has A New Banger You Need To Know About

Listen: Damaged Goods Has A New Banger You Need To Know About

2018 is off to a great start music-wise, and Damaged Goods definitely knows how to hype it up even more!

This past week, Damaged Goods released his recent remix of the hit track “I Shyne”, produced by Carnage, featuring Lil Pump. The flip takes us on an adventure that is filled with bass-heavy vibes, providing another song to the dance-floor killer playlist. We better be hearing this at our next festival, am I right?

Obi Tawil, aka. Damaged Goods has “stretched the border of musical sanity” within his career. He is a key figure in the Miami nightclub scene where he has played at the well-known downtown dance spot and mega South Beach clubs. He just knows how to bring in his high energy and forever evolving style in his music and we absolutely love it! You may know him through his latest hit “Devastating”, featuring Sydney Blu, along with their other single “Giving It Up”, which received a rating on Beatport‘s Top 10 Progressive charts. Ever since these tracks have increased their revenue, he has released music on many music labels, including Fool’s GoldOxygen, and Mad Decent, as well as producing remixes for Pitbull. This guy is just killin’ it at the music game!

When I first heard this track, it sounded super familiar, like I have heard it at a festival before – which means you will definitely hear this song this year at various festivals and clubs. This track is such a festival banger and it goes hard – I really see the potential within Obi and his music. Carnage already goes hard in his production, and when you add another producer that also goes hard, the music sounds even better! Damaged Goods did an excellent job with this remix and I’m super stoked to see what he comes up with next.

Listen to the “I Shyne” remix below!

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