[Listen] Gettic Releases “Sleepwalking” And It’s Giving Us Chills

[Listen] Gettic Releases “Sleepwalking” And It’s Giving Us Chills

Danish producer, Gettic, launched his single “Sleepwalking”, featuring rising pop vocalist, Clairity, and I’m currently obsessed! This track lays out an indie pop sound with tropical vibes to properly send summer off as we prepare for fall to hit us.

Gettic says that the song describes the end of a relationship while having to deal with the loss of not just something mental, but also the physical aspect of that relation. He also states that “‘sleepwalking’ is a type of mental state that we have all experienced some time in our lives before, trying to catch the hazy vibe of walking around, fully dressed, seeing and listening to other people, but not really being ‘there'”.

While listening to this hit, I could totally hear the haziness vibe within the beats and it felt like being in a dreamlike state of mind! This song is go-to for chill music and it definitely just entered my personal playlist!

Listen to “Sleepwalking” down below!

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