[Listen] “Deep Blue” by Oceans

[Listen] “Deep Blue” by Oceans

Kiz Singh and Jacob Ubizz from Oceans will be released a new track yesterday.

Earlier this summer, the two released the track “Cold Ain’t For Me”. Their new track “Deep Blue” combines warm vocals, punchy sub-bass, and emotional piano chords that result in a heartfelt tune.

Both tracks “Deep Blue” and “Cold Ain’t For Me” were inspired by summer memories and sharing moments with a loved one.

“You hear that they are heartfelt and emotional,” the duo said.

Oceans describes their sound as one of the summertime.

“We have this organic, urban tropical kind of thing going on at the moment,” they said. “What we have tried to create is this summer feeling that you can listen to in any season and transport yourself right back to the warmth.”

For Oceans, producing music is a way of escape. Both love to create and experiment with different sounds and concepts. This often includes playing with their guitars and pianos as well as messing with their software instruments and effects.

When creating “Cold Ain’t For Me,” Kiz Singh pulled out his guitar and figured out a chord pattern and wrote a chorus. Jacob Ubizz grabbed his electric guitar and created an instrumental hook melody. The two collaborate together very nicely. After that the rest of the track flowed together smoothly and quickly.

Both Oceans members have been making music for over seven years. Both have had their own experiences in the music industry. Kiz Singh came from urban roots and has done a lot in the commercial, hip-hop, and R&B world. Jacob Ubizz on the other hand has done more with urban pop and clean-cut Scandinavian electronic music.

Oceans considers their most successful track “Cold Ain’t For Me”. Their track has had over 45 million combined streams and has gotten some amazing feedback. Watching people react to that song for the first time always makes them smile.

“This is something we have both always dreamed of,” Oceans said.

In the future the two plan on releasing a few more singles. Eventually they would like to create an album. Until then, take a listen below to both tracks  “Deep Blue” and “Cold Ain’t For Me”. You can find Oceans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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