[Listen] Don’t Sleep On Hex Cougar Or His New Remix

[Listen] Don’t Sleep On Hex Cougar Or His New Remix

Future bass is a rising genre and one of it’s up and coming artists is Hex Cougar. You may know him by his hit track ‘Internet Crush’ or, my personal favorite, his remix of Kaskade and Deadmau5’s “Move For Me”.

The Los Angeles based artist started producing music in 2014 after his love of electronic music began in 2010. He has released tracks on Shifty Rhythms collective as well as the label Daruma and has gotten reconnection from head electronic artists such as Bassnectar.

I discovered Hex Cougar about a year ago when I heard a hugely different but beautifully executed version of Kaskade and Deadmau5’s “Move For Me” track. I loved the song, but truthfully, I didn’t bother to check out the artist who produced it. That was when a friend of mine sent me the exact same track along with a few other Hex bangers months later and demanded I check him out. It was then I hopped on the Hex train and became a huge fan. To my delight, he was also playing at the Lightning in a Bottle festival just a few months later and I was already planning on attending.

Out of the whole festival weekend, Hex Cougar was in my top 5 favorite sets and my whole group of friends agreed. His set was full of energy, passion, and overall incredibly memorable. Each song flowed perfectly with the next as he kept high energy and kept the crowd happily moving. All my friends were ~vibing~ the whole time and to me, that’s one of the most important tasks a DJ needs in order to succeed.

Hex has recently released a remix of “Ghost Voices” from Porter Robinson‘s side project Virtual Self EP. The original “Ghost Voices” (and the whole Virtual Self EP) is a trance lover’s dream, but Hex was able to turn it into a track with filthy low bass synths while not completely altering the tracks roots. His song design with this one is unique and really sticks out.

I highly suggest checking out Hex Cougar whenever you can and listen to his new remix of “Ghost Voices” (and the rest of his music) below.