[Listen] Electric Mantis Unleashes “FACED”

[Listen] Electric Mantis Unleashes “FACED”

“FACED” by Electric Mantis is finally here and ready to be devoured. The Anchorage, Alaskan native moved down the continent in pursuit of developing a music career, and recently was verified to premier his new single through Spotify and Itunes.

“FACED” is an experiment between the depths of sounds and the ability to plummet from new depths. Electric Mantis style is cutting edge, and new but still sensationally luscious. Layers of vibrations that carry over each verse and hook dive above and below the surface of the dense bass. This dexterously blended concoction of delicate paino-esque samples are pulled taught over destructively deep bass. A dreamscape is cast with gentle sashays through soft drizzling effects, like walking through a curtain of rain. There are also storms of bass that usher in down pours to dance in. The lilting flutes through the hook are punctured with energetic vocals and billowing bass. Misty and mesmerizing, the song leaves listeners refreshed and invigorated from their dirty bass bath.

For a taste of this majestically huge single live Electric Mantis has upcoming tour dates, and to see if he’s coming to a city near you check it out here.

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Photo credit: Sheven Thorson