[LISTEN] Funking Around with Toro & Dro

[LISTEN] Funking Around with Toro & Dro

House duo Toro & Dro wrapped up their live stream in this week’s Mix 247 EDM Music Monday, and they also just recently released a new set titled “Funking Around, again.” Immediately, within the first few seconds, you won’t be able to help the head bobbing and toe tapping that the musical mashup invites. Funk is definitely the feeling that kicks off the 30 (and some change) minute mix.

As the duo came together for this fresh new mix, Diego Steven Toro or better known as Toro explains, “there was no planning, just pure instinct. Once we pressed “record” everything just flowed naturally, like water.” Usually DJs go on out there as a solo act, so how do they make it work? “Our ability to read one another. We don’t need to communicate much, we follow each other’s leads. Sometimes we’ll surprise each other and take things into another musical spectrum,” says Toro. “Everything tends to be in the moment, that’s the beauty of it. We are two individuals, but when we come together, we perform and act as one. It probably stems from our friendship, our brotherhood.”

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Check out Toro & Dro set’s link below and scroll down for the full set list. You’ll see appearances by Camel Phat and Justin Martin among the many artists they’ve chosen to include.

Set List:
Lagjet – LowSteppa
Party Starter – LowSteppa & Skapes
Wet Cat – Justin Martin ft. Kill Frenzy
Lumiere Brillante (Skober Remix)
All Bite, No Bark – Pleasurekraft
Some Lovin’ – Belocca
Weird Experience (T&D Edit)
I’ve Got A Life (Mario Giordano Bootleg)
Techno Disco (KiNK Remix)
Kontrol – LowSteppa & Martin Ikin
Morning Shadows – Noir
Constellations – D-Unity vs CamelPhat vs T&D
Aural Psynapse (Micheletto Remix)
Mist – Kidnap Kid

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photo courtesy of Toro and Dro

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