[Listen] Jay Robinson Releases Groovy House EP “Lopsided”

[Listen] Jay Robinson Releases Groovy House EP “Lopsided”

It was a slow dragging Monday until Jay Robinson unleashed the new EP he produced Lopsided!

The UK artist recently released this two-track EP via Dim Mak Records, where it explores everything from classic house music to mesmerizing synths behind the house bass. The classic house beat within the tune has the 4/4 bass behind it and really influences the UK bass sound it’s supposed to have.

The first track “Lopsided”, also the title of the EP, for example, has a shimmering drum loop that starts off, introducing the house vibe that is to come to the tune. Once the hook comes in, it’s extremely addicting and will have you moving! You can also expect Jay to create the same vibe on the second track “ANBG”.

Jay Robinson‘s bass is totally poppin’! He is so poppin’ that he has worked with other house producers such as MobyFake BloodTreasure Fingers, and more!

Listen to the house madness down below!

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