[Listen] King Is Back, The Sullivan King and Snails Edition

[Listen] King Is Back, The Sullivan King and Snails Edition

This song is completely out of the realm of dubstep, it takes on a totally new name. Metalstep. Just saying, Sullivan King is killing it. And if you haven’t gotten on the wave, you need to. The trailblazer is making a serious impact in the industry. From collaborating with Riot Ten, Kayzo, and remixed Excisions With You. See the talent for yourself! Flawlessly perfecting metal and dubstep, check out remix King Is Back with Snails.

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Snails released his first studio album The Shell today. He’s currently on tour and his next stop is EDC Orlando. From his signature sound Vomitstep, our favorite Vomitsquad producer plus our metal dubstep producer is pure insanity.  Alongside with Snails, he’s pushing the limits with his recently sold out at Red Rocks. This album will go crazy on the EDM sets and it’s just getting started. Let’s give it up for Sullivan King, our favorite metal head and our favorite Vomitsquad producer with  King Is Back.

Sullivan King and Snails: When Vomitstep Meets The King of MetalStep With Remix of King is Back

Well, damn. The Sullivan King x Snails crossover blew my mind along with others who listened to The Shell album today. The last song on this album is the Sullivan King x Snails crossover. King is Back is a Snails original but it takes a completely different turn from the original. It’s more of a continuation of the original giving this remix the whole metal makeover.

With the little help of Sullivan King and the bad a** introduction with Big Ali as per the original, you can only imagine the depths that it will shake. The song begins with a calm interlude, just as any metal song would. With the emphasis on guitar riffs. Then diverts into a mode when it pumps you up. Suddenly, it goes wild. With Sullivan King’s vocals, it becomes insane.

It adds to Sullivan King’s arsenal. Incorporating more metal, it’s a perfect way to end the album. You can tell both Sullivan King and Snails moves mountains with this song, making it the ONLY one of its kind. Some people have incorporated minimal metal in their mixes but not to the extent Sullivan King and Snails provided.

As a person who admires metal and dubstep, the incorporation of both genres is something that EDM needs. Two genres can perfectly coincide with each other. The unity of metal, dubstep and Vomitstep has been created and it’s exciting. It makes me genuinely excited to watch out for Sullivan King at a festival. It will be one of my best moments.

You guys obviously know how I feel about the song. But, what do you guys feel about it?


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