[Listen] Lane 8 Unveils Second Single “Atlas”

[Listen] Lane 8 Unveils Second Single “Atlas”

As the year draws to a close, what better way to wind down this busy year with a cozy track by Lane 8.

After announcing his highly anticipated sophomore album Little By Little this past month, Lane 8 shortly after released an impressive teaser track to his fans with “No Captain”, featuring Polica. To increase the excitement around his album, the deep house producer now comes back again by unveiling his second single, “Atlas”.

Lane 8, originally known as Daniel Goldstein, has become a mainstay in the deep house industry. As an esteemed member of the Anjunadeep family, the Denver-based producer, since 2013, released a slew of original mixes and remixes that have gone off to become hits, such as his original mix “Midnight” and his remix of ODESZA’s “Bloom.” With growing success, Lane 8 recently developed his own record imprint, “This Never Happened”.

However, the buzz surrounding Lane 8 did not and has not stopped. His experimental tour This Never Happened in 2016, received quite the attention from music critics due to his “no phone” policy. Goldstein’s purpose to push against phone usage at his shows was done in order for audiences to have immersive experiences without any sort of distraction. Basically, capturing the moment in one’s own mind instead of a piece of technology. The shows were surprisingly a great success, and fans excitingly heard the new tracks off of the upcoming album. One of those very tracks actually turns out to be “Atlas”.

Lane 8 specializes in taking the listener on a journey with his music. “Atlas” is no exception to that. The track starts off with light atmospheric pads in the background setting the scene for the impending adventure. The bouncy, suppressed melodic keys gradually come in as to bring a sense of lightheartedness to the track. Soon after you are hit with the deep, lingering bass and the warm vibrations wholly envelop your ears to consequently bring a large sense of comfort to your soul.

Once the beat kicks in, the real journey begins. The listener progresses through the track hearing multiple elements coming together cohesively to produce relaxing, uplifting sounds. But the real sense of euphoria occurs towards the second chorus. An air stream builds up progressively and dissipates right at the drop, surging a heavenly experience. Lane 8 takes you on this path (pun intended) where you are constantly put in a state of amazement. At the end of the song’s story, you are left with a desire to stay in Lane 8’s curated fantasy.

“Atlas” is currently ranked #1 on Hype Machine, so the hype around the song is real. So why not give the track a listen?

Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your year with this wonderful masterpiece linked below!

May your ears be filled with good vibes.