Listen: Läzro & Travis Gibb Drop New Single “Take Me Home”

Listen: Läzro & Travis Gibb Drop New Single “Take Me Home”

Today, Läzro & Travis Gibb released their new fire single, “Take Me Home” and it’s the perfect chill song!

It’s 2018 and women’s voices are being heard louder than ever, and vocalist, Kyra B, shows that aspect perfectly. She provides a soulful voice that blends in amazingly with the tropical and chill house with Läzro & Travis Gibb. I’d say in my personal perspective, this is the perfect track to blast while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California!

Läzro & Travis Gibb are rising to the top in the EDM community. With a super-rich family history and top-notch influences that shape their music, who knows what the future holds for them. Läzro, aka. Lazaro Rodriguez started off with a studio tech internship for many big studios, including Desmond ChildMiddle Ear Studios (where he met his partner-in-crime, Travis Gibb), and more. 

Looking into the other half’s perspective, Travis Gibb followed in the footsteps of his father, Barry Gibb, where he would help out a number of leading dance acts in the 90’s. He graduated from the Full Sale Music School in Orlando, Florida, where he then stepped into various studios where he was most comfortable in and just rocked at what he was best at! That’s where Läzro and Kyra B came along, and ultimately, the new collaboration “Take Me Home” came out in full swing and it’s only rising more. 

When I first heard this track, I immediately thought of a tropical paradise – or just anything sunny with palm trees and blue oceans. Besides thinking of a place tropical, like Hawaii or the Caribbean, I also thought of my hometown back in LA. Just listening to this song reminded me of the vibe of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on a warm, sunny day, driving along the coastline. It definitely brought back some good memories.

Listen to “Take Me Home” below!

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