[Listen] New Single Out by Machinedrum – U Betta

[Listen] New Single Out by Machinedrum – U Betta

EDM DJ Travis Stewart, AKA Machinedrum, has a new sick new single out entitled “U Betta.” The more experimental style and often ambient vibe Machinedrum is known for certainly stays present throughout “U Betta,” while also coming off entirely more like trap at points. There’s a unique blend that transcends the pace of “U Betta” and really makes it stand out compared to the more common, hardstyle drops and breaks in mainstream EDM.

First off, there’s a much faster build than one would expect. Machinedrum unquestionably jumps right in after the first seconds of fizzling effects, blasting through with an undercurrent of deep beats, and dusting in some bell effects for good measure. These are complemented well by the rising piano notes and a series of claps. The speed and off-kilter pacing are what really enthralls one to the rhythm in “U Betta,” there’s stimulation at every turn in the best possible way.

The drop is a superbly well done part of “U Betta,” and again, sneaks up on you with how quickly the song progresses. The key element of the drop is the machine-centric sound effects, amid a crunchy, trap-style rhythm. The way the effect waves are arranged makes the drop sound like a warehouse full of big machines all harmonizing at once. I actually found the sound to be kind of reminiscent of songs in the Animal Crossing series. There’s just a flow with the piano that really resonates for any of the video game series’ fans.

All in all, “U Betta” has some absolutely killer breakdowns. There’s constant whirring clashing against these harmonic, well-placed elements and effects that define the experimental style of Machinedrum. The vocal repetition of “U Betta” just employs that classic techno sound every time the lyric surfaces. Plus the guitar chords on the way out are a nice touch. Check out “U Betta” by Machinedrum below.

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