[Listen] Oshi’s Back With A Brand New Track “Lost”

[Listen] Oshi’s Back With A Brand New Track “Lost”

The young and talented DJ/producer Joshua Brennan A.K.A. Oshi, is finally back and has graced us with his new single, ‘Lost’!

The four-minute track gives us a fairy fantasy sort of vibe at the beginning, then mixes it up with funky synths that will have you grooving around until the very end. Oshi has been teasing his fans about releasing new music for a while now but has been seen on Twitter replying to fans saying “it’s worth the wait”. At least with this track, it definitely was!

‘Lost’ has been the first track in two months he’s released after “Stay” in mid-August. He released the track on SoundCloud with a small blurb stating, “I’m back and my skin is clear, my mind is kinda f****d but it’s getting better slowly but surely, I’m just stoked to finally show you some of the stuff I’ve been working on, thank u for being patient and loving me, I love you all!!!!!!<3”. Oshi is very open with his fans via Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud when discussing his personal struggles about things like mental health and sexuality.

When he released “Stay”, the blurb he added to his SoundCloud with it was “with all the negativity goin on in the mf world yall need to realise that the only thing that perpetuates is the selfishness behind everyone wanting to be right, when in actuality if u all just shut up and listen to each other it might just help.. in other news I think i came out as bi officially today, so go make love to ur partner or partners ( no one is judging ) to this <3 ily all”. For a 19-year-old, these are some pretty heavy words but are spoken in an incredibly sincere and honest way. One of the many things people love most about Oshi.

In a video interview released in August by Sidewalk Talk, the music maker very briefly joked that his hit song “Ridin Round” was a one-hit wonder; probably because that may be the song he is most known for. However, I personally believe that the song should be given all the credit it deserves. If that’s the way to get his music more well known, I support it. Oshi has incredible talent that should be recognized and praised. Not only this, but he is able to connect and inspire young adults everywhere going through tough experiences that he has gone through himself.

Listen to Oshi’s new track “Lost” here!