[Listen] Oshi Releases Unexpected Track “Swagga”

[Listen] Oshi Releases Unexpected Track “Swagga”

Oshia.k.a. Joshua Brennan came out of nowhere this week and gave his fans an unexpected treat with his release of “Swagga”. 

The U.K. producer, best known for his remix of Kali Uchi’s “Ridin’ Round”, featuring Tory Lanez, was on a short hiatus due to personal issues, but he has slowly made a comeback by previously releasing his single “Lost”, which briefly explains his break from music. In order to make up for lost time for his fans, Oshi decided to release a sample pack as “OSHI’s care package” out on Splice.  

Oddly, Oshi was unable to fall asleep over the weekend. Instead of waiting in line at the mall until the morning, Oshi stayed inside his room and made, in his words, “a lil beat” to post on his SoundCloud page, and boy does the beat sound good!

“Swagga” starts off with M.I.A’s sampled vocals off of T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us” that is accompanied with deep, ominous-sounding pads in the background. Steadily, the snares kick in here and there as they build up the anticipation for the heavy-hitting drop. Once at the drop, the  808s hit and buzz through your ears in full strength.

Oshi, being the experimental artist he is, brings a unique sound to the trap world. The beat is more intricate than most simple beats you hear on mainstream hip-hop or trap tracks. The bass phases in and out, hitting at places where most people can not predict. In addition, Oshi places strange and alien-like sounds that fit surprisingly well with MIA’s edited and chopped vocals. Just for fun, he even added little snippets of vocals from Ludacris’s “How Low” and The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly” throughout the chorus.

So if you were disappointed over this Black Friday weekend, let Oshi bring your spirits up and bring some “swagga” back into your life.

May your ears be filled with good vibes!