[Listen] Robotaki Announces Chilled-Out Remix of Jai Wolf’s “Gravity (feat. JMR)”

[Listen] Robotaki Announces Chilled-Out Remix of Jai Wolf’s “Gravity (feat. JMR)”

Rising up-and-coming producer Robotaki has been making waves in the electronic music scene lately and just announced his latest remix of Jai Wolf’s “Gravity” off of the “Kindred Spirits Remixes” album.  

If you haven’t heard of Robotaki, you may have heard of his music pop up somewhere on your SoundCloud feed. Robotaki, who also goes by Preston Chin, is no new face to the industry as he had made hits off his very own singles and remixes such as “Ghostboy” and his remix of Strange Talk’s “Painted in Gold.” The Toronto native has made most of his music in his dorm room during his college years at McGill University. His sound can generally be described as a mix of disco with electropop, but it is difficult to put the talented producer in a box. The buzz around his music has eventually brought himself attention to the likes of Porter Robinson and Madeon to join them on their ever famed “Shelter” tour.

With growing popularity, Robotaki is working harder to release more impressive music to his fans and he has definitely impressed us here at Mix 247 EDM with his remix of “Gravity.” The remix brings the chill vibes that fit perfectly well with this chilly fall season.

To start the track, the soft piano and JMR’s vocals come in cohesively to emit a deep sense of emotion. Trust me, it brings all the feels. Then the beat subtly kicks in producing a deep, groovy r&b sensation. But it’s truly Robataki’s synth playing that needs to be highlighted from this track. Even though it may sound simple, the soft whirly synths are intricately played throughout the chorus that will please the ear and bring chills down the spine.

Robotaki’s remix of “Gravity” is just one of the multitude of amazing remixes he has released, so if you want to hear most of his past work definitely go check out his SoundCloud page.

There are other awesome artists on the “Kindred Spirits Remixes” album featuring Hotel Garuda, Party Pupils, Kasbo and many more. Listen to Robotaki’s remix of “Gravity” and other remixes with the links below:

May your ears be filled with good vibes!