[Listen] Skrillex’s Humble Remix By Kendrick Lamar Is A Trap Dream

[Listen] Skrillex’s Humble Remix By Kendrick Lamar Is A Trap Dream

Sit down. Be humble. One of the most played songs on the radio and at festivals is “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar. He was the winner of the best music video, best hip-hop song and nominated for Artist of the Year. The one and only, Skrillex, took that song and did a remix of his own.

Skrillex’s Humble Remix By Kendrick Lamar Is A Trap Dream

Skrillex‘s Humble remix was released a few days ago and is taking everyone by shock. From being out of the light, he’s created HOWSLA through his record label OWSLA, which takes a break from his trademark sound. HOWSLA features artists like Chris Lake, ZeddDillon Francis, and more! He is also known for releasing, “Would You Ever”, featuring Poo Bear.

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The sky is the limit for Skrillex. As a big Skrillex fan, everything that he does is different; he is innovative and inspiring. From his singing background to his collaborations with so many talented artists, Skrillex is always pushing boundaries. He giving his all in his music. If you like more trap, then his “Humble” remix is the song for you.

Resembling some similar sounds of “Purple Lamborghini” with Rick Ross, Skrillex‘s humble has come a long way. The original remix of the song is different than his demo version. Skrillex confirmed himself that certain soundbites he couldn’t use cause of clearance. Without a doubt, it’s something for you to experience yourself!

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