[Listen] This Duo Will Make You Fall In Love With “Dying Young”

[Listen] This Duo Will Make You Fall In Love With “Dying Young”

The iconic duo, TWO OWLS, are back with a new monster track that will make you melt in happiness! Their new banger track, “Dying Young“, will not disappoint you as the future bass will hit you in the feels.

“Dying Young” features the man of the moment, Micah Martin, and his vocals couldn’t be any more perfect for the song. The bass lines also go along super well with the synths throughout the track and the drops are at the perfect points. Back to the singer, Micah Martin has been known to contribute to some other bass icons, including artists like KayzoSlanderProtohype, and more. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more of him in the future!

As for TWO OWLS, the LA-originated duo is on their way to the top, so I think you should watch out for them. Being the OG dubstep producers they say they are, they say that nature influences them, as well as other cultures and eras, according to their Facebook bio. Now I can say that they earned a lot of respect from me for being the OG’s.

When I attended Get Freaky 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah, I had a chance to see this duo live and holy moly – they were incredible! I’ve started to get more into future bass and melodic dubstep and I have to say that TWO OWLS definitely know how to impress me. Their beats can put you into a trance that you will never forget, and you better best believe me when I say that! If you have a chance to see these two bros live, do it – they absolutely kill it. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at this year’s Countdown NYE in San Bernardino, California.

Listen to “Dying Young” below!

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