[Listen] This Remix Of Jean Marie’s “Basketball” Is Groovin’

[Listen] This Remix Of Jean Marie’s “Basketball” Is Groovin’

Swiss duo, WE THE SAVAGES, put their own twist on Jean Marie‘s “Basketball”, featuring Flo RidaMarta Sanchez and it’s hitting the rise!

This song has been reaching its potential these past few days, hitting No. 2 in the Beatport‘s Top 100 Electro House Chart. The original song has sort of a Spanish/American vibe that can definitely be a banger in the club, but when WE THE SAVAGES add their flare within the beats, it’s a banger! As a deep house fan, I can approve of this remix.

WE THE SAVAGES are two young DJs and producers that are indeed savages. What unites the two young people is their energy and the vibe they can give to the crowd during their live shows. Two years ago, their track “Frenzy” and “Over” via. Enjoy Records, reaching the Top 10 on Beatport‘s Electro House Chart. They then decided to lock up in the studio and work hard to create that unique style which truly represents their musical influences. After almost two years they came back with “Indiass” (literally “In the ass”), a genre-defying track that bridges the gap between EDM and Progressive/Psy-Trance. After this, they publish their bootleg of “OK” by Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt and another original mix called Roll’N’Rock. Their tracks have been played and supported by several DJs like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet, and many more!

The two are currently pushing for more hype to come as they are currently working on more upcoming hits that will blow everyone away! After listening to this potential club track, I personally can’t wait to see what else they release. Can they start a tour now? That would be great!

Listen to the banger remix “Basketball” below!

If you want to check out the original take on “Basketball”, listen to it below!

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