[Listen] This UK Duo Is Killing The EDM Game With New Single “Love Liike This”

[Listen] This UK Duo Is Killing The EDM Game With New Single “Love Liike This”

UK duo, WITHOUT, have been working their UK underground grind and have recently just released their new single “Love Liike This”!

In this track, WITHOUT partnered up with the mysterious Scandinavian singer, Essie, to produce an upbeat pop-dance tune, with some R&B vibes blended into it. It also involves classic funk tones and the groove that just makes you just want to vibe out.

Listening to this song gave me this East Coast vibe, like walking around New York City or dancing around up in Montreal. Now, whenever I listen to songs, I usually get a vibe that reminds me of a certain place or just a location of interest that gives off that vibe. It’s pretty weird but that’s just how I am with music. It’s almost sort of like a blessing in disguise! I really enjoyed the R&B funk and pop vibrations that ran on throughout the track and it definitely makes dancing irresistible! Put this song on your daytime fun playlist – I promise it’s worth it!

WITHOUT has been growing all over the UK! Their demos have made it to big-time radio shows, including Radio 1Beats 1, and even out to Los Angeles with Dim Mak Records!

A little bit of history on this fascinating duo, Ollie and Luke married two sisters and ultimately became the brothers they already felt like they were, which led them to create their label The PeaceThey are pretty close to Mura Masa and frequently collaborate with him, which includes their track with each other “islndbys”, which has gone viral all over the UK, and will start to go viral in the US soon. Watch out for this duo!

Listen to “Love Liike This” down below!

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