[Listen] Tommy Trash Releases Dreamy First Single of 2017

[Listen] Tommy Trash Releases Dreamy First Single of 2017

Australian DJ Tommy Trash dropped his first single of 2017 last Friday. The track, titled “Dreamer”, features up and coming pop vocalist DENM. The melody is just as upbeat as the title suggests, perfect for the upcoming party season.

Tommy Trash is a huge name in the Australian EDM scene. He is still building a following in the States, despite his international renown overseas. That hasn’t stopped the DJ from moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career there. As the lyrics of the song go, “I do it my way, Imma [sic] do my own dance”.

The song’s theme fits well with today’s EDM scene populated by Millennial’s. It’s about following your dream and doing things your own way. Another line that rings true with this – well, any – audience is “We just want to get free”. That’s what today’s generation is about and I can see this track becoming an anthem. With a few summer dates lined up, including this year’s EDC in Las Vegas, Tommy Trash is setting himself up to make it big in America. I’m selfishly hoping he adds more dates to his summer tour and that one of those dates is near me.

DENM has only been on the scene for about a year. He is making a name for himself, though; with two of his original tracks getting over a million plays each on Spotify. His pop vocals go well with the EDM beat and we can expect he will be featured on more dance tracks in the future. I’m also excited to hear a feature album from him, which I hope is coming soon.

With the line “cause I’m a mad man, I’ll set you free”, Tommy Trash and DENM set us free to dance the night away. If they are “mad men” I want them to stay that way so they can keep sharing their dream with us and we can keep partying.

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