[Listen] Toro y Moi Releases New Album ‘Boo Boo’

[Listen] Toro y Moi Releases New Album ‘Boo Boo’

One of the masters of chill, Toro y Moi, has a new album out entitled “Boo Boo.”

The album was met with relatively positive reviews and comes out just in time for the summer to come to a close. Toro y Moi has five albums out now and all of them have been solid through and through, so seeing No. 5 “Boo Boo” do so well is both encouraging and enlightening. “Boo Boo” has a super chill vibe throughout the album and keeps that unique Toro y Moi sound at the forefront.

The first track, “Mirage,” has great scratch effects and vocals. The intro has a super mellow, disco-funk kind of feel to it, and that classic bass is totally there too. “No Show” has some very playful effect work and a slow build, which really reverberates with fans of Toro y Moi’s earlier work. “Mona Lisa” has a strange transition, but the breakdown and vocals are great. There’s an upbeat catchiness that permeates the entire track, even in the sections with sirens and other sharper effects.

The album transitions between songs and subtle and ethereal. “Pavement” starts with this etherealness and runs with it right to the resounding piano. The track has a bell-like repetition that gives both gravity and tone to it that really grounds one in the realm of time. WindowsandEmbarcadero are both epic back to back songs as well, definitely capturing the chill feel of “Boo Boo.” There’s a slow ocean of movement and great reverb no doubt.

The final two songs on Toro y Moi’s “Boo Boo are definitely worth a listen. “Inside My Head” has a great use of bass and repetition that really encapsulates the eighties. “W.I.W.W.T.W” is super great too, and epic long track to go out on.

Check out “Boo Boo” and feel the vibes for yourself down below!

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