[Listen] Unknown Artist Sem Impresses Us With Single “Like U So”

[Listen] Unknown Artist Sem Impresses Us With Single “Like U So”

An unknown artist by the name of Sem has arrived in the electronic music scene and has slowly been making serious noise in the Soundcloud world!

His release of “Like U So” highlights the versatility of the artist’s style of production. The atmospheric pads accompanied by the light bells immediately brings me to a chill state of mind. But once the bass kicks, I am stunned immediately by the weight of the bass and in awe of the slight touch of future bass rhythms. The high pitched vocals are the cherry on top that bring this song together.  

As the song goes on, it only gets better. Sem switches the rhythm to keep the ears entertained, and furthermore adds a dark element to the second chorus that takes the song to a whole another level.

The mysterious producer has recently released music on SoundCloud for six months, producing both remixes and originals.

We at Mix247EDM, cannot wait to hear the next set of Sem’s releases and the surprises this unknown producer has stored for us!

If you want to take a good listen to this song, click “play” on the link below.

May your ears be filled with good vibes!

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