[LISTEN] Litany’s “Bedroom” Is A Great Track To Start The Fall Season

[LISTEN] Litany’s “Bedroom” Is A Great Track To Start The Fall Season

Litany’sBedroom,” is an epic single that brings a great bit of mellow into the EDM realm.

Bedroomstarts with a slow, mellow beat and stays relatively close to that initial rhythm throughout. There’s a rhythmic consistency that really sticks in your mind once you hear the lyrics alongside the synth throughout the track. Between this and the mellow beat, “Bedroom” will be stuck in your head before you know it.

After the initial beat, there’s some really good bubbly effects at play with the array of clicks and breaks. There’s a great use of synth in Bedroom” as mentioned prior, especially more towards the end, where it gets a tiny bit crunchier. Litany seems to flesh out the full effect of the synth as the tune goes on further and further.

“Bedroom” has a unique use of horn. There’s a rising feeling to it and the chorus has these electro effects that are rather funky and solid. There’s a steel drum around the chorus as well, and I have to say it is a nice surprise. The steel drum doesn’t feel forced like in some tropical house songs. The steel drum just takes us really quickly to an island – the bedroom – a plain of solitude and calmness that everyone needs.

The lyrics of “Bedroom” speak to desire and place. Going back to the bedroom as an island, the lyricism really takes hold of this fact and the desire to share paradise with another. This is heard through the airy, ethereal vocals, and melodic rhythm that develops. Everything is in harmony between the vocals and the synths and it’s beautiful. Before the song concludes, the steel drum comes back in its own space and takes you on a quick sidestep to really think about what paradise is.

Listen to “Bedroom” down below!

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