Little Dinosaur Joins RaveTrain TV Season 3 Ep 3 [Watch]

Little Dinosaur Joins RaveTrain TV Season 3 Ep 3 [Watch]

The latest episode of RaveTrain TV is LOADED! Strap in cause this episode displays top level dancers from all styles, house dancers, Bboys, capoeiristas, gogos, krumpers and roller skates!

Episode three features very special guest hosts The Narrators and the ever so versatile fossil feeding DJ Little Dinosaur! Lil Dino roars her way through a killer set of originals feating vids and dancers from her performance team !

Check it out below

RaveTrain TV is a EDM web series featuring some of the top DJs, shufflers, glovers, go-gos, hoopers and flow artists. The show has made a return to Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA where they called home for season two as well. Hosts Johnny Blaze and Julianna Kovacs draw you in while the dancers, DJ’s and production of the series makes sure to keep your attention. Don’t forget about the “Cuddle Puddle” interviews! Julianna sits down with each DJ for a little one on one.

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