[Listen] Lookas And Krewella Have A New Track Together “Alarm”

[Listen] Lookas And Krewella Have A New Track Together “Alarm”

The Miami-based producer, Lookas, over the past few weeks has been teasing the fans with tracks for his upcoming EP Lucid, when he first released the dark bass banger, “Eclipse”. Now, he has done it again, only this time, with the ultimate girl-duo Krewella!

Today, Lookas released the second track of the Lucid EP, “Alarm”, and it’s one of the most soothing tracks I have listened to lately. Instead of dark bass, this tune has more of a lighter pop sound to it, and I think it’s perfect. The guitar strums and the sharp pumps of the bass flow perfectly together, and it’s also Lookas‘s first vocal track ever since his platinum hit back in 2015 “GDFR”, featuring Flo Rida and Sage the Gemini.

Since his introduction, Lookas has made a prominent print in the EDM scene, as he started to teach himself production in 2013. His first big track was his remix of “Tsunami”, by DVBBS and Borgeous, making it an official remix for other DJ’s to use during their sets. Besides his remix, he was also named as a Top 10 act according to Rolling Stone magazine and a Top 10 rising artist by Billboard magazine. Ever since then, he has continued to show his fans and audiences what he is made of, and still is thriving!

Meanwhile, the Chicago and LA duo, Krewella, are definitely not strangers when working with Lookas and other big artists such as NGHTMREParty FavorWavedash, and more! Their most known hit, “Be There”, has the most synergy for their fans and other artists. I personally think Krewella and Lookas mash really well together and I can’t wait for more future works from them.

If I were you, I would get excited about his upcoming EP Lucid! The tracks on it will give you a taste of the punch he is creating for the EDM world.

Stream “Alarm” down below!

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