Lost Lands Recap Video Makes us Miss Lost Lands

Lost Lands Recap Video Makes us Miss Lost Lands

Lost Lands was a success. And of course, it will be going on for a long time. From the zero drug casualties to the amazing cleanup, you can add this to ideal festivals to look into this year. Jeff Excision Abel has gained a huge following over the years and also an inspiration. That in which, makes Lost Lands an amazing festival. From, making sure everyone is accountable for from being an overall amazing role model. If you’re a headbanger and you didn’t attend, you have another chance to see attend next year.  Here are some things you need to look forward to for next year at Lost Lands! Check out the Lost Lands Recap below!

Lost Land Recap Video Makes Us Miss Lost Lands

The Lost Lands Recap was one of the best recap video’s I’ve seen this year alongside with the Ultra 2017 recap. If you weren’t at Lost Lands, you felt like you were there. The goosebumps I encountered the first time was unexplainable. It was beautiful how everything was conveyed and how everyone was headbanging. The Lost Land recap makes all of us excited for next year for sure.

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Excision Releases New Details About Lost Lands

You could really tell who was about Excision at Lost Lands.  Most people are wondering what improvements that can be made. Obviously, that’s hard because his festival was a complete success. Here are some things you should be aware of for next year at Legend Valley, Ohio. Make sure to check in on the website here.

Lost Lands dates are September 14-16

It’s a good thing the dates were changed to earlier in September because it was cold at the night-time. Good thing it will be in the summertime versus the fall.

Payment Plans will be available.

There you have it, we will have access to payment plans. Last year, the payment plans were not available but not, they are!

Make sure to be on close eyes on tickets as loyalty will be on sale sometime by the end of November.