The M Machine Tour Comes to The Lizard Lounge

The M Machine Tour Comes to The Lizard Lounge

Celebrating their new album “Glare”, The M Machine is going on tour starting May 11th. Right after their first show in Montreal the duo will be heading to Dallas to play at the world famous Lizard Lounge on May 13th.

The M Machine will be doing their DJ set most likely playing all their songs from the new album as well as earlier songs from any of the Metropolis albums and their Just Like EP. If their performance is anything like their Mixmag set I can tell you this is a must see and you can watch it below.

Here’s a brief description of what you could be missing out on.

For those who have yet to hear The M Machine’s new album you are truly missing out on game-changing music. It’s a completely new style with familiar trademark The M Machine synthesizers and drums. There’s hard hitting songs that are in a way reminiscent of Depeche Mode like “Voyeur” and “Talking Machine”. Songs that are softer and more relaxing like “Another Parachute Ending” and “Blind” lace the album as well giving you the full experience of The M Machine.

Their two collaborations on the album are magnificent blends of The M Machine and their featured guest. “Honeybucket” is a fun and quirky song that’s great to bob your head to featuring Phantasmosis. The title is a bit risque as are the lyrics but that’s what makes it so fun I think. I have no idea what’s happening in the song but it’s so fun to sing along to.

Luisa Gerstein sings in the beautiful ballad “Blind” about a relationship where she was used up and mistreated and how she felt about dealing with it. The songs progressively gets more intricate and beautiful as it goes on. For almost four minutes it builds up from sounds of someone walking in a wet cave maybe as it introduces the instruments like violins and maybe an accordion. All of a sudden signaled by the snare counting down, the song turns into a jazzy beat with Luisa singing. That’s when it really starts to pick up and adding instruments back in. This being the first track on the album lets you know to expect some real masterpieces to follow.

If you’re in Dallas definitely go see The M Machine at The Lizard Lounge. If not, check out other dates for their tour and see if they’re coming near you. This is a performance I’m speculating you should not miss out on. It will start around 9:00 PM and last until 4:00 AM so take a nap if you can.

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