If Major EDM Artists Were Types of Coffee

If Major EDM Artists Were Types of Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? More importantly, who doesn’t love EDM? The answers should be no one and absolutely no one. Next question: Have you ever wondered what your favorite EDM artists order at Starbucks or the local coffee shop? Or even better, what each artist or group would be if we categorized them into different types of coffee? Well, lucky for you, we did.

ODESZA – Latte


One of the things that makes the EDM group ODESZA so popular is their magical rhythms and happy-go-lucky beats that make the crowd feel warm and fuzzy inside. We all can admit that some of their hot singles such as “Sun Models” and “Boy” give us goosebumps as soon as they come on. That’s why ODESZA is totally a latte, because like a latte, their music is topped off with a beautiful arrangement that people want to dig into.

Martin Garrix – Americano


An Americano, composed of strong espresso and a tiny bit water, perfectly explains Martin Garrix as an artist. His sharp melodies and eclectic sounds are always made up of some strong parts and more subtle parts. They’ll hype you up and calm you down at the same time–just like an Americano.

Galantis – Frappuccino


Galantis is known for their playful tracks full of sweet harmonies, just like a sugary Frappuccino. They even have a popular track called “Peanut Butter Jelly”, so the Frappe fits perfectly with their dynamic. After you listen to Galantis, you’ll feel energized–like you’re running off tons of sugar.

Tokimonsta – Mocha


The reason Tokimonsta is absolutely a mocha is because it looks like it will taste like one thing on the outside (coffee), but there are so many more chocolatey flavors once you take a sip. Toki’s music perfectly exemplifies this, because her tracks will start off sounding one way, and then they’ll totally change sometimes throughout. You never know what to expect when she releases a new track or EP.

Bassnectar – straight espresso


This one is pretty simple–you either love or hate straight espresso, and you’re either a basshead or you’re not. Bassnectar has some pretty great music, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee, I should say). People will live and die by their hard bass music, and people will also live and die by their espresso in the morning, if that’s their thing.