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Making Spring Break a Positive Experience for Yourself and Those Around You

Making Spring Break a Positive Experience for Yourself and Those Around You

Whether you’re in Padre, Vegas, Miami, or any EDM dream destination this spring break, Mix Nation wants everyone to have a fun, positive experience. With that being said, things can get rather hectic during the week when every college student is on break from their classes. Here are five pro tips to make sure your week off is fun for everyone.

  • Do not litter on beaches. – While you’re on vacation, keep in mind that these beaches are home to several sea animals whose lives will be cut short if plastic bags, red solo cups, and beer cans are disposed of near the water. Plus, this makes work a thousand times more difficult for those who clean the beach.
  • Use a ride share. – When getting from your hotel to the beach, or any other venue, it is important to be responsible if drinking will be taking place. Luckily, Mix Nation will hook it up with one free ride. Use promo code alexg1304 for $15 off of your first Uber ride, or promo code ALEX232026 for $10 off of your first Lyft ride.
  • Tip generously. – Spring break is a stressful week for those working in service and hospitality. Having to cater to the needs of a multitude of twenty-somethings for an entire week isn’t necessarily ideal, however, by tipping your bartender, server, and hotel housekeeping generously, you can leave a positive impact on those making sure you are having a positive experience.
  • Carry water with you. – While raging hard, hydration is vital. One person in the squad should be the designated water carrier, making sure everyone is good to go.
  • Also, carry a portable phone charger. – Portable phone chargers are fairly inexpensive and are very useful in the event of an emergency. Should you need to call a ride or, God forbid, medical attention, a phone with a charged battery should take off some of that stress.

Mix Nation wishes everyone a happy, safe and fun spring break! Remember to be respectful and courteous to everyone around you.  

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