Mandy Dixon, The Girl Behind The Headbanging Meme

Mandy Dixon, The Girl Behind The Headbanging Meme

Moonrise was a few weeks ago. Despite the weather, people managed to still have a good time. Excision went on and you know it’s impossible not to go hard. One person, in particular, proved to us that she’s a f***ng head banger, as Excision would say. Max Schultz photographed Mandy Dixon head banging. The only thing that mattered was the music. She didn’t even realize she was bleeding. Max wrote:

“I was looking at everyone on the rail seeing who had the best most crazy energy to capture and I saw Mandy !  I was about to whip the camera up to film her then saw the blood and was like WTF hahaha!!! When I asked what happened and she explained!  Of course, I sorta hesitated to film or take pics but I knew this was too legendary not to capture and I’m so glad I did!” Max Schultz


The Girl Behind The Meme, Getting to know Mandy Dixon

This moment stood out and began to circulate once people saw the pictures on various EDM groups, seeing the recognition of  Trampa and Subtronics. Mandy Dixon is the center of it all and it only took one picture to spark a whole conversation.We are happy to have her with us on Mix247EDM with us!

I saw you went to moonrise, how was it? Tell us more about that? Moonrise was fantastic! Other than the staff seeming a little-disorganized everyone was super chill and seemed to be having an amazing time and that the most important part.
You’re a true definition of a head banger, I’ve seen the video of your head banging at moonrise to Excision, how’s your nose? My nose is good now, it was just extremely swollen to the point my nose ring didn’t fit on my nose. Only a slight bruise
You’ve seen to get a lot of popularity since the video and pictures started circulating, did you think it was going to happen? Honestly not a single bit. When my buddy texted me the pictures I just posted them on Excisions head bangers page on Facebook because I wanted to share my excision experience with everyone. As soon as I posted it, it blew up majorly. It ended up getting deleted by an admin due to a large amount of reaction to it. I never knew a nose blood could cause so much uproar lol

Trampa Mentioned Mandy Dixon Like….

What is the funniest thing to come of this? I can’t choose between the t-shirts being made and the hilarious memes people are creating. Trampa even tweeted one of the photos with the caption “This new song has me like”

What were your friend’s reactions? My friends didn’t even know it happened!! When they saw the pictures they laughed. My best friend actually was so proud and freaked out when she saw it going viral. All my friends have shown me nothing but support and love. Even my bosses at work laughed about it.

What Changed For Mandy Dixon?

What’s changed since you’ve posted the pictures?I feel like a lot has changed. My phone is constantly being blown up with comments and messages. I actually went to a show and people were recognizing me, I even got invited backstage!
I also saw some hate from the videos and pictures, how do you feel about that? Well, I try really hard not to let the hate comments get to me. Most of the time I laugh at them and just try to respond with a joke or just go along with it, they weren’t there so they don’t know the real story. There will always be haters no matter who you are or what you do. I really want the message of this whole situation to never give up what you love to do even if people are hating on you for it. The haters also don’t realize the more they comment the bigger it makes me 😉
What’s the next show you’re going to be attending? Well for sure Lost Lands but until then, I’ll be attending small “underground” shows mostly in the Philly area. They are usually planned last-minute.
Would you head bang with me? Of course! I want to head bang with as many people as I can.

Thanks Mandy for taking the time to talk to us! Check her out in Excision’s recap of Moonrise. What do you think about the memes of Mandy Dixon?

Photo Courtesy of Max Schultz

Moonrise Video Courtesy of Ty Barch

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