Manufactured Superstars: Exclusive Interview

Manufactured Superstars: Exclusive Interview

The high-energy DJ duo Manufactured Superstars make sure their priorities are always in place. Priority number one, a staple of their career and the reason for their success, is to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo comprise the Manufactured Superstars, and they’ve been electrifying stages for over a decade as they’ve brought their eccentric show to countries all over the globe. An emphasis on theatrics and mash-ups have created a captivating live show where just about anything can happen.

The pair is very active even beyond their live shows. They were both involved in the inception of Beatport (Roulier as a founder, Sabo as an original employee), produce a radio show and curate talented guest DJs for Beta Nightclub’s Superstar Saturdays in Denver.

I was lucky enough to catch Shawn Sabo before Manufactured Superstar‘s set in Denver and we talked about glow sticks, tequila shots and the future of music distribution. Check out the interview below, then give some love to Manufactured Superstars on their Soundcloud and Facebook.

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