Marshmello is The Globetrotter of EDM

Marshmello is The Globetrotter of EDM

Ironically, the EDM producer behind the mask will be showing his face in many different locations across the globe.

With summer on the horizon, EDM’s hottest and arguably hardest working DJ will be living out of his suitcase according to his schedule. With the incredible year Marshmello has had, he has established himself as a legitimate producer that has gained worldwide fame in the blink of an eye. Those who thought that the mysteries Marshmello was an elaborate prank in the realm of EDM have to accept the fact that he is still rising like a Jenga tower that shows no sign of falling anytime soon.

According to Marshmello’s upcoming locations, he will be performing in various countries such as France, Spain, Brazil, Canada, China, and Japan. He will also make appearances in New York, Texas, Tennessee, California, and Florida from late April all the way to late August. With all the traveling Marshmello has ahead of him, the questions remain of will he continue to drop new music and will he ever reveal his face on stage?

The city that Marshmello will be spending most of his time is in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will be “showing” his face at various night and day clubs on the strip and just finished his first weekend performing at the Encore Beach Club. The remarkable thing about Marshmello is that on the same weekend he started turning-the-tables in Vegas, he was also entertaining the hot crowd in Coachella doing a balancing act of seemingly like he was in different places at once.

Although Marshmello was one of the EDM headliners at Coachella and dropped what fans are calling his “newest single” during his set, Las Vegas got to experience an energetic, two hour long set that included various showers of champagne, one dollar bills flying from the sky, and a pool so fans can somewhat keep cool. With performing in Las Vegas and Coachella on the same weekend, there has to be some sort of air conditioner or Cooler inside the giant paint bucket that is the DJ’s face.

Marshmello continues to be the masked hero of EDM, and he shows no sign of slowing down in the summer of 2017. With more information on his upcoming shows and ticket info, click on the link below.


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