Marshmello Releases New Music Video for “Ritual”

Marshmello Releases New Music Video for “Ritual”

Marshmello released his new single “Ritual” on October 27th. The single has already passed 700,000 plays on Spotify, and you better believe its been on repeat. That’s no surprise considering Marshmello has been blowing up since his appearance on the scene just over a year ago.

The original release date of the video was October 27th. After some complications and disagreements there was a re-release of the video on November 3rd.

The single features LA based R&B singer Wrabel, who has pipes comparable to Sam Smith. Wrabel has become a popular voice in EDM being featured in other hit tracks the past couple years. The tone of his voice adds to the overall feel-good vibe of the song. It’s hard to tell if his falsetto makes the melody that much sweeter or vise versa. Either way it’s impossible not to feel happy after listening to this song. The driving beat and catchy hook after the drop makes it hard to not want to move to this song.

The video for Ritual looks like Marshmello and his friends shot it when they were hanging out one weekend on no budget, a montage of the gang all just having fun. The video features appearances from Skrillex, Valentino Khan, Slushii and other artists from the OWSLA label. The smoothly edited video makes Mashmello’s visit to hang out with the puppies at the park, rolling down the hills outside LA, skateboarding downtown with Skrillex, getting into a pillow fight, and hosting a beach concert – among other fun activities – feel like they’re all happening in one exciting day. The playfulness of the video goes perfect with the playfulness of the song, making us wish we were one of Marshmello’s friends going on the adventures in the video with him.

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