[Listen] Marshmello Graduates in New Single Moving On

[Listen] Marshmello Graduates in New Single Moving On

Everybody knows Marshmello. He has a lot of people in his corner and his life is like a movie! His fans adore him and his music. From his Ultra Set, playing EDCNY/LV and being featured on MTV, he is one to love. Mello is one artist who’s music/producing has had a distinctive feel and doesn’t change. Amazingly, his music seems to always be uplifting. He has blown up tremendously over the past year. But do we need a reminder as to why we love Marshmello? In his new single Moving On, it reminds us of why we fell in love with Marshmello in the first place.

Bigger and Better Things With Moving On…

With his singles Alone, Know me, Summer and many more Marshmello has progressed within the last year, The music video is interesting because it shows the progression of four friends getting ready to Move on from high school. He is graduating to bigger and better things alongside with Ookay, Slushii, and Skrillex. It’s amazing seeing how Marshmello has progressed so much within the past year. He’s moving on to Bigger and Better things. (And.. did you catch the sub with the pre-recorded sets.)

Review On Moving On

The new single Moving On reminds me about why I gravitated to Marshmello. Besides the mysterious identity, we can all agree that Marshmello has grown on us one way or another. He’s been saturated in the EDM scene ever since is last year playing at EDCLV and various festivals.

Moving On was very reminiscent of Marshmello‘s older songs, with a very strong melody and bass line. I personally have had it on repeat since the song’s release. It’s so fire! ” Taha M.

Marshmello‘s music has changed my life. The first time I saw him is when I met my best friends at EDCNY. Without Marshmello, I don’t think I’d ever meet the people I did. Moving On has grown on to me just like Alone. I think it’s a good song but it is something that I’m not in love with…yet.” Anthony C.

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To me, Marshmello‘s music all ties together. His sound is distinctive and recognizable off the bat! I think Marshmello‘s new song is a perfect reminder of why I fell in love with Marshmello‘s music. Surprisingly, his sound is something that I can’t get sick of! Most of all, my favorite part is the glitch/bass. It’s something I’m looking forward to in singles to come.

What do you think of the new single Moving on by Marshmello?

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