Martin Garrix And Lana Del Rey possible collaboration

Martin Garrix And Lana Del Rey possible collaboration

Martin Garrix has not been shy about his dream collaboration with pop sensation Lana Del Rey, so maybe he thinks that if he brings it up enough times it’ll eventually happen. The young producer has kept busy reinventing his post-“Animals” sound as of late, and teaming up with an artist of Del Rey’s caliber would undoubtedly help him accomplish that.

Garrix was asked by BANG Showbiz whether he thought the two would ever work together, commenting, “I hope so, but I’m not sure if she’s down to do an electronic record. Her voice is amazing, and really one of the voices I would really like to work with.”

While speaking about how his Sheeran duet came about, the Dutchman was quoted:

“We met in Los Angeles and just hanged out and partied together, and he came to Amsterdam to party. Then I sent him, like, a chord progression, then he sent me a voice note back of him jamming on his guitar. Before I knew it we were in the studio finishing the song together.

“It was super cool to work with him because he comes from such a different genre. It was cool to find, like, a point in the middle to combine both of our sounds, so people could still know that it’s a collab. It’s not a Martin Garrix record with Ed Sheeran vocals on it or an Ed Sheeran song – you can hear both of our influences.”


Who should Martin Garrix collab with next or would you be more excited for a joint effort between Martin Garrix and Lana Del Rey? Sound off in the comments.