Martin Garrix Partners with FCancer for Special Benefit Show

Martin Garrix Partners with FCancer for Special Benefit Show

In what will be his first ever performance at Exchange Nightclub in Los Angeles, Martin Garrix has teamed up with FCancer for a benefit show on Thursday, May 19, 2016.

FCancer, a Canadian charity, throws events that “consist of large-scale parties that give young adults who have in any way been affected by the disease a completely unique bonding experience. These events, called FCE, will provide an opportunity for Gen C to feel a sense of ownership and unity and will help fund key programs.”

With the purchase of their admission to FCancer events, attendees are given a special t-shirt that they must wear as their ticket into the venue. All proceeds go directly to funding research to beat the disease.

In a generation hard-pressed to create meaningful in-person interactions and favoring their online and social media presence instead, FCancer bring young adults together for a single cause in a way many charities cannot. Inviting people to bond over a love of parties and music and life and a hatred of all things that end that, the entity challenges attendees to help extent that right to those who are less fortunate than them.

With news constantly popping up nowadays about the corruption and greed of the EDM industry today (case in point: Kylie Jenner’s out-of-the-blue DJ debut in Vegas), it’s nice to know that notable dance music icons are still doing their part to make a difference.

Although tickets are now sold out, you can still donate to the cause by clicking here.

For more information on FCancer, you can visit their website here.

Featured image © electricnude/Flickr