Martin Luther King Day: The Bold And The Beautiful

Martin Luther King Day: The Bold And The Beautiful

As the political and social landscape is ever-shifting, on a day like Martin Luther King day, it reminds me of how far we have come but also how far we have to go.

I am very thankful for where I live and the freedoms I have the opportunity to explore but I have also traveled the world and have seen beauty beyond imagination. Recently there have been comments, from our nation’s capital, about some of these nations that cast a negative shadow over them. Well, I am here to shine some light on the beautiful nations so that we understand and remember how beautiful this world really is.

There was an article written by Stephanie Bunbury about Oscar winner Morgan Neville and Yo-Yo Ma while filming “The Music of Strangers” that speaks on the connectivity of music and how beautiful and tough that is to achieve. “I think there is something profound going on,” says Neville, who worked on The Music of Strangers for four years.

“It’s very easy to dismiss this as just ‘world music’ or Kum-bay-ah – everyone gets together and the world sings – but it’s not about that. It’s not about melting the cultures into one great big ice cube of music. Everyone is retaining their own individual identity and figuring out a way to keep their own voice in harmony with other voices. And that’s tough.”

Music is a language that the world speaks and we have communicated with each other since the beginning of time. Music allows us to feel, to grieve, to forgive, to heal, and help us grow when barriers stand in the way. So I would like to introduce you to some creators of love and light that you may or may not have heard of and knew was from some of these amazing countries.

Here are a few of those countries and let the adventure begin:


1. Kaytranada
2. Michael Brun
3. Wyclef Jean
4. Boukman Eksperyans


1. Wamae
2. Yoki Hars
3. Hendrick
4. Kamaru


1. Aly and Fila
2. Aguizi and Fahim
3. Misty
4. SHawky

Times can be scary but one thing that is for certain is that beauty can be found everywhere. Magic can happen in any genre, any gender, and any country. We all have to do our parts, no matter what that is, to help spread the message of unity through creativity. Everyone’s voice should be heard, appreciated, and valued because that is what love is and the one thing this world needs now more than ever in love.