Matisyahu Announces His Forest Of Faith Spring Tour

Matisyahu Announces His Forest Of Faith Spring Tour

Grammy-nominated artist, Matisyahu, recently just announced his Forest of Faith US tour and it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a good time!

Recently just ending his Broken Crowns tour, Matthew Paul Miller, aka. Matisyahu is still looking forward to touring around the country, supporting his 6th album Undercurrent. Being an EDM and reggae fan, I’m personally looking forward to this tour, as he is known for incorporating his reggae beats and ultimate beatboxing skills into his music.

Matisyahu is most known for his tracks “One Day” and “King Without A Crown”, where he has been internationally recognized by those songs. And now with his latest release Undercurrent, the album consists of chill beats, blissful vocals, as he brings his lyrics and instrumental improvisation together as one to create beautiful sounds. The energy that he will bring throughout his tour will be astonishing, as him and guitarist, Aaron Dugan, bassist, Stu Brooks, drummer, Joe Tomino, and keyboardist, Big Yuki, enter the crowd to bring their creative dynamic to life.

Matisyahu talks about the significance of his tour and what he wants to bring to his fans:

“Forest of Faith means entering into the unknown of the music and creating unique musical experiences born out of the immediate here and now. This requires faith.  Faith in the musicians, the fans or listeners, faith in the process, and the innate holy quality of music made out of such a pure process. Much like the innate beauty and purity of the untouched forest. I am looking forward to starting out 2018 dancing, listening, singing, and making music together with you who allow me the opportunity in the forest of Faith tour this February and March in a town near you. Blessings and love.”

Matisyahu will be starting in Long Beach, California at the Queen Mary for the One Love Cali Reggae Fest and making stops at various cities around the US, including Bellingham, Washington; Tulsa, Oklahoma; New Orleans, Louisiana; and more. He will be closing his tour in North Myrtle Beach, Florida at the House of Blues. Check here if he’s coming to a city near you and to also buy tickets!

You don’t want to miss the good vibes out of this show!

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