Matisyahu Broken Crowns Tour [Concert Review]

Matisyahu Broken Crowns Tour [Concert Review]

Matisyahu played his Chicago stop of  the “Broken Crowns” fall/winter tour on December 12 at Chicago.  Orphan and Common Kings kicked off the night’s reggae vibes.

The night was cold, but the bodies inside Concord Music Hall were on a Caribbean island, well at least the music teleported them there for the night. Swaying to the chill beats and uplifting energy that reggae brings, we eagerly awaited for Matisyahu to take the stage. The Common Kings may have been on the supporting act, but their presence on the stage definitely left everyone on a high.


Those few moments before an artist takes the stage are everything, and that minute before Matisyahu appeared with mic in hand you could feel the crowd’s anticipation. He opened with a song I haven’t been able to ID (Shazaam fail, sigh) and continued the momentum the Common Kings left on the stage.

Matisyahu has been making music for more than ten years, so his musical selection is pretty vast. Attending one of his shows, you’ll notice he’s able to dip into various albums ranging from years. He played ‘Black Heart’ from his 2014 album Akeda, ‘Aish Tamid’ (Shake Off the Dust…Arise, 2004) and ‘Sunshine’ (Spark Seeker, 2012) among the many featured.

Of course Matisyahu, who is known for his beat boxing skills, couldn’t end of the night without using the most important instrument for any singer, their voice. He beat boxed for a minute straight (if not more) while his keyboard player Big Yuki accompanied him.

Reach for the sky
Keep your eye on the prize
Forever in my mine
You’re my golden sunshine
Fits raining in your mind
So push those clouds aside
Forever by my side
You’re my golden sunshine

The show was not only my first time seeing Matisyahu while he’s on tour for “Broken Crowns,” but also my first reggae concert I had been to, and he as well as the supporting acts did not disappoint. Knowing that reggae has influenced various genres in the dance community, I’d definitely recommend catching a reggae show here and there to vary the DJ acts.

Remaining dates for “Broken Crowns” can be found here.

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