Michael Tullberg Brings You ‘The Raver Stories Project’

Michael Tullberg Brings You ‘The Raver Stories Project’

Accomplished author and photojournalist Michael Tullberg is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. He was there when it all began during the 90s and has seen its evolution throughout the decades go from an underground rave scene to being embraced by mainstream society with the likes of prominent music festivals including those organized by Insomniac and Ultra. Imagine going to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in 1999 with a crowd of only 8,000-10,000, and we say only because now EDC draws more than 400,000 people throughout the course of three days. Yea, WOW. Well, Tullberg was there for it all, and with his latest project The Raver Stories Project gives you a sneak peek into the rave scene.

When I got back to my classes early Monday, I tried to carry on as if my life had not just been altered forever…

Whether you’re all too familiar with the EDM scene or know next to nothing, The Raver Stories Project reveals the history of the rave scene and shows it for what it is now with personal shares from those who have lived it firsthand. Michael Tullberg wants people to understand that “the rave scene is not simply, you know, an underground nefarious drug-oriented thing,” said Tullberg. “As far as I’m concerned and other people are concerned, the rave scene was the most important era of pop music culture since the rise of hip-hop.” The rave scene has been a movement propelled by the people and for the people without corporate support influencing dance culture around the world.

          Photo courtesy of Michael Tullberg personal Twitter

One aspect that sets the rave scene apart from your ordinary, everyday “club” scene is that it’s built around inclusiveness not exclusiveness. There are no barriers simply a warm and embracing nature.

We would be all on the same vibe and same beat, embracing each other and the music. We worshipped the music..

Michael Tullberg received stories from around the world ranging in time from the original UK rave explosion in the late 1980s until the present day. The stories themselves include anecdotes from warehouse parties, desert raves, mansion parties, underground clubs and much more. Tullberg will be celebrating the book’s release with an intimate gather in Los Angeles on September 9. Make sure to pick up your copy of Michael Tullberg’s The Raver Stories Project.

                      Photo courtesy of Sara Cooper PR


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