[Listen] Miley Cyrus – Malibu (Lost Frequencies Remix)

[Listen] Miley Cyrus – Malibu (Lost Frequencies Remix)

In the realm of the remix, Lost Frequencies has done it again with a stellar remix of Miley Cyrus’s new hit “Malibu.” The original song has a charm and self-aware maturity to it that begs to be heard and taken in, and the remix by Lost Frequencies not only honors that, it embraces the notion. In terms of electronic elements, the song has a perfect give and take relationship, exemplifying the fast speeds and lucidity of Lost Frequncies to a tee.

“Malibu” starts quiet, with an ethereal resonance, and repetition of the iconic lyrics “Next to you in Malibu.” Once the lyrics start, you’re met with a surprisingly beautiful mix of new and original. The song tends to creep into itself, which is a feature of it I love. Lost Frequencies’ quicker beats pick up, but they don’t overshadow the lyricism with beats and breaks. The claps are appropriate and add resonance to certain moments.

The moments before the breakdown are ethereal. Things start to pick up and make one feel as though they’re submerged in a whirlpool, descending beneath to a deeper level. There’s a ringing to the build, an echo to the build itself in some ways that brings to light the notion of change. The winding elements of the build are entrancing as well, embracing the bass in the best possible way before the drop. The drop is quick, brutal, and somehow still enchanting.

When the lyrics resume, the gravity of the lyrics really take over, and the claps and bass again fall into remission to let the vocals shine. The ending of “Malibu” takes a somewhat crunchy bass swoop, oddly like old school techno, and just fades away. Of the many remixes that will journey though the radio waves, Lost Frequencies’ work with Miley Cyrus’s “Malibu” is by and large one of the most serene and well done out today.

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