Minus Zero Festival 2017

Minus Zero Festival 2017

Minus Zero Festival article written by guest writer Flavia DB.

We’ve all been to a well known festival where the crowd just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. I’m sure at some point you felt like you lost control over your own personal space. What I’m saying is some of these huge festivals attract their audience with mainstream artists and most of the time people don’t even attend for the music, and what’s worse is what comes with a big crowd is that the whole “plur” term is diminished and it feels like it doesn’t exist in this culture anymore – unless you pick and choose your festivals wisely. Personally, I’ve been to a slew of festivals and the only festival I loved vibe-wise was Bonnaroo and Mysteryland, 1st and 3rd year. However, at the other festivals I luckily had a huge group of friends to block out the energy that didn’t correlate with ours.

I now look out for smaller festivals or some kind of festival that is hard to get tickets to, like for example, Burning Man and Holy Ship, since it builds anticipation and suspense. This energy then creates excitement and euphoria; almost like a child on Christmas day waiting to open up their gifts. Anyway, with that said, Minus Zero Festival has caught my eye, and I booked everything without knowing the line up. The company started out in California and rebranded into a winter sport and music festival. Knowing that Minus Zero Festival is returning for it’s second year in Stratton mountain, Vermont, I regret the fact that I didn’t find out about this last year.

Last years line up featured artists like Kaskade, Deadmau5, Pierce Fulton, Jauz, Thomas Jack, Atlas e.t.c. Also, MZH had a second stage up on a mountain, I mean all in all music and seeing a view from afar is quite magical!

I am bumping this festival because Vermont is a great place for an outdoor event. Just imagine surrounding yourself with beautiful sights of Stratton mountain, the option of engaging in winter sporting events (like snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, e.t.c), hot tubs, a small European inspired like village, and to top it all off a music festival less than a 5 minute walk from all the lodges? What could get better than that!? You have an all around adventurous festival! Also, having the comfort of staying in a resort that every attendees will be temporarily residing in, allows attendees to meet/bond with new people.

The festival is close to 2 months away, and in December I was welcomed by veterans of the festival in a MZH group page on Facebook! Social media is a great outlet to bond with attendees before the event. Even though the lineup is not fully released it already feels like it’s going to be a great time. However, the suspense is so real right now! Currently Bassnectar and Griz were announced as headliners, and artists like Illenium and Pierce Fulton will take the stage as well. Thus far I like the direction they are heading, but still hope for a variety. Anyway, this is set to take place April 7th and 8th and would potentially be a 12 hour event each day.

After the festival there are after parties and almost as if you’re at a camping festival! Don’t just come for the festival come for the experience and winter sports, so stay 3-4 days! There is lodging available on Stratton mountain, I will post links to lodging on the bottom, and if it’s all booked up behold! There is always air bed and breakfasts or hotels close by. Don’t have a car? It’s all good they have shuttles and buses picking up attendees in places like NYC, and Boston , for more details check out minuszero.frontgatetickets.com .

Hope to see all you snow shredders out there in April! Keep the positive vibes going…we don’t need vibe killers here! Be smart and treat people the way you would want to be treated!

Peace and love 

I now leave you with a couple of interviews, hoping that it will inspire you to come and feel the magic in the air.

So, given that this is going to be your second year at MZH, I want to hear your opinion about what festival you would compare this to and why? Why did you choose this festival? Also, what made you want to come for a second year?  

Cat S. ,from CT, states, “ I can’t think of a festival to compare it to, i’ve only been to bigger festivals and this one is super intimate. That’s probably most of why I like it. Like, imagine if just the mysteryland boat stage was the whole festival. Awesome vibes. Sean and I basically fell in love there last year haha. He got us matching narwhal onesies (which is my actual nightmare since I’m anti pda) but I ended up loving it and him. We chose MZH to try something different, and we’re coming back because the vibes are worth it. We bought tickets pre-lineup too having faith that MZH will bring us our money’s worth regardless. The energy there was just so great. Really people that love the music and each other. We even saw a couple get engaged! “

Minus Zero Festival 2016 taken by Cat

What made you want to come to Minus Zero Festival? How far in advance did you plan on attending? What do you look forward to?

Oleg F. ,from NYC, states, “ I love music, and an opportunity to travel to get to see something I enjoy sounds pretty awesome. It’s going to be the second festival I’m going to, and the first one I’m going to stay at hotel with a bunch good vibe peeps. I don’t have much time in my line of work for vacationing, so going to do something I love for a weekend seems like a good compromise. This was planned A couple months in advance, thanks to a persistent friend 😉 Honestly the scenery is what I’m looking forward to the most after being cooped up in the city for so long.”

Being that you created a FB page called ,Minus Zero Festival Fam 2017, for  attendees, what are your goals you are trying to meet amongst creating this FB page? Why did you choose this festival? And what do you look forward to?

Desiree K, from Virginia, states, “I created the page because most festivals have group pages. This one didn’t. I wanted there to be one for those going, or wanting to go, so we could form a family and bond before we get there. Allowing others to make new friends, build a community, ask and answer questions, make accommodation plans, etc. And since I was the lead ambassador last year, once again promoting this year, I felt it would be something I could do to be involved and helpful for others.  Oh. It’s not everyday you get to experience such an array of talented artists and dance to great music while also doing winter activities, and making lots of new friends, all in 1 weekend, at 1 place. That’s what makes MZ stand out and the amazing views from the gondola and summit 😍. I’ve been to 28 festivals over the coarse of the last decade, ranging from regular EDM based genre to camping festivals, even to one overseas in Europe. I chose MZ last year because of its uniqueness. As a veteran raver who had only been to summer festivals, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience something completely new. Plus, I’m from Vermont, so any chance I get to go home to visit friends/family and snowboard is a blessing. Living in the “south”, we rarely get a winter, which is my favorite season. EDM hasn’t really hit up in New England as much (it’s slowly getting there though!), so it was basically a double win for me. Not to mention, I had never seen deadmau5 so that was just icing on the cake. Last year I went with my bf and met amazing new friends, and this year will be the same ☺”

Minus Zero Festival 2016 taken by Desiree️

How many festival have you been to? Why did you choose Minus Zero Festival? What do you look forward to? Lastly, who are you planning to attend with?
Christopher D. ,from upstate NYC, states, “This will be my 2nd real festival. I chose minus zero cause being from extreme upstate NY there isn’t many festivals near me and this is 1.5 hours away. I’m really looking forward to seeing the djs I haven’t seen live yet! And I’m taking my wife. Our 4th wedding anniversary is April 6th…perfect way to spend it!”

*that is Hella cute I must add what a great way to spend a wedding anniversary.*


Brian B. , from Massachusetts, states, “This will be my 8th music festival  (Firefly 2013, the infamous Hudson Project 2014, Great North 2014, Camp Bisco 2015, Moonrise 2015, Buku 2016, Mysteryland 2016).

I chose Minus Zero because GRiZ (queued to be my 16th live GRiZ set, not including dj sets). So… that set is definitely what I’m looking forward to most.

I’m going with the HOMIES! Brooke, Patrick, Laura, Logan, Matt Hew, and more!”

Nicole Danielle, from Buffalo NY, states, “This will be my 8th festival, I chose minus zero because there is no where else I can do my two favorite things, snowboard and festival all in one weekend! Going with my boyfriend and a whole crew of my troublemaker friends :)”  

Maggie,from upstate NY, stated, “pretty much Canada. I’ve been going to festivals since 2011 and I honestly don’t know what number festival this is for me. I’ve done Bisco, EDC NY, Bella Terra, Electric Forest, CatSkill Chill, Hudson Project, the Frendly Gathering, Farm Fest, and more I can’t think of right now. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Minus Zero from frends who went last year. The two main factors that pulled me to this fest was BASSNECTAR and my love of Vermont! Since Nectar hasn’t been touring lately it’s harder for me to see him. The last time I saw him was his three night run at Red Rocks in 2015 so this chick is long overdue for some bass in her face! The fact that the fest is in Vermont made it that much sweeter! I’m bringing some home town frends as well as meeting up with frends who I’ve met through other festivals so this thang is about to get rowdy! Super stoked to kick off festival season in my favorite state with my favorite people! Catch ya on the mountain frends!!”

And this my friends is why Minus Zero will be a huge success because people are there for the music, the experience, the winter sport, nature, the vibes and all and all the best location to escape from reality.

Lodging link: https://www.stratton.com/plan-your-trip/lodging

Festival link: http://www.minuszerofestival.com/

IG: @minuszerofest

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/minuszerofest/

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