Misunderstanding the Attraction of EDM

Misunderstanding the Attraction of EDM

There is a certain attraction behind the bass dropping and hypnotic beats of Electronic Dance Music, a beauty that I did not understand.

Since EDM became a global phenomenon, I questioned why so many people enjoyed the concept and content of it. I never considered it “real music” because its sounds are created from a computer and not actual instruments. I also ridiculed the genre because majority of EDM is pure sound and I found the lack of lyrics behind it made it lose any credibility to be considered music.

If I was asked four months ago my opinion of EDM, I would have said something along the lines of, “I hate EDM and I do not understand why people love it so much. It is stupid because it is mostly just sound. I can not feel something from it.” All my friends would vouch my hatred for EDM. Obviously, I was naive, closed-minded and embraced being the stereotypical EDM hater.

My mind started to change when I went to my first show in December, 2016. One of my best friends, who is a pure EDM fanatic, offered me a free ticket. He, and others, had always told me that my perspective of EDM would change if I were to go to a show. I did not believe any of them and continued to mock their love for it. I never could grasp the point of going to a rave or dance show, but when I was offered the free ticket I embraced the thought. I can not say what was different about that day which suddenly turned a definitive no into a confident yes.

Maybe because it was a free show? No, I had been offered free shows before and without thought always turned them down. I will not fully discredit that reason though because the “free” part is motivation to go to any type of show. Maybe another reason why I said yes was because of the group of friends I was going with? Which I learned going with the right people is essential to fully enjoying an EDM event. Maybe I was just in a really good mood and the stars were aligned perfectly?

Whatever the reasons being, it was a decision I did not regret making as my first show sparked the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship with EDM.

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