Mix Team Discusses Will Sparks Comments About Women

Mix Team Discusses Will Sparks Comments About Women

If you have not heard yet, Australian DJ Will Sparks lit the internet up with his comments about women and social media. Instead of paraphrasing what he said why don’t I show you the Facebook post instead.


Well being a female with half the Mix 247 EDM team being females I wanted to share my thoughts and brought in Lexi another team member of Mix to see what she had to say about his comments. Read our discussion below:

Syndee: So Lexi it looks like Will Sparks has decided to voice his opinion about women on social media. After reading what he said what do you think?

Lexi: I believe young women in society have a voice. With that voice, they have a right to do whatever they want with it. I don’t really feel shaming women is the answer because what will shaming women do? As a society, shouldn’t we be building people up not tearing them down because they like taking selfies of themselves on Snapchat, Instagram etc? It’s just like the makeup epidemic with guys believing women should be more natural but then they want us to put makeup. What if it’s not being insecure, maybe they look good that day or they love to document their day in the life. Celebrities do it all the time. I feel it’s all subjective and he has a point with using your voice as a platform for good whether you have a big following or not. But he could have worded it better and not encourage people to bash women because he’s annoyed of seeing girls utilizing social media for vanity, as he claims. people have the right to use social media as they see fit.

Syndee: At first when I read his comments I thought WOW what balls! Another male speaking out about women using sex appeal. How would he know they are doing this if he didn’t look? I mean come on, I have even stopped and looked and scrolled on a hot females timeline even if all they were doing was taking selfies or posting half-naked photos. The thing is I agree with most of what you said however the sad truth is the more skin you show the more followers you will get most of the time. If you are one who can mix sexy, smart, funny, inspirational you are a rare breed. Women have the advantage of men to use sex appeal to get attention. Men are visual creatures, as women our attention is gained from men by what is said, You know those sweet nothings being whispered in our ear. So is his beef because he doesn’t get the amount of “likes/retweets” the women do? IDK. Personally I can not see how he, or any other male, can speak about women using social media for attention since that is what social media is all about. Frankly, the men who gain my attention are the ones who see the struggle for females in ANY industry and will help to boost them up, not pull them down because of insecurities.

Lexi: I completely agree with you. Guys do it as well. There are men who just post for their self vanity and they get a ton of likes. Why not men shame them? We are all completely aware of our flaws, as women we embrace it as any human. Socially, it is easier to shame women because women are powerful. There are more women on the earth than men according to the Geohive website. For him to dictate what women should and should not do on social media just shows that he is bothered by the fact that we have power. Just for him to put all women in a category is what bothered me.

Syndee: There are enough women out there that want to bring down other women for being secure with themselves to post photos or videos. I say go for it. If you, Will Sparks, don’t agree with it simply don’t look, move on. Just because it doesn’t inspire you it could be an inspiration to someone else. Ladies, DO YOU and don’t pay attention to those who want to hate.

Let’s hear your thoughts

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