Mix’s Team Picks on Our Radar

Mix’s Team Picks on Our Radar

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate to create our top ten playlist. Take a listen and enjoy!

Feel Good by Felix Jaehn & Mike Williams

The end of summer may be near, but that doesn’t mean these feel good tunes have to. Let Feliz Jaehn and Mike Williams take you across their summer tour throughout Europe.

Ur Bdy by Sakima

Smooth and accompanied by a slower tempo, this track is that nice, relaxed sound you’ve been searching for.

Take Me To Your Leader ft. Dances With White Girls by Walker & Royce

“Take me to your leader,” will be stuck in your head after grooving to this catchy jam.

In Love With The Devil ft. Seids by Mark the Beast

Energetic and raw, this moving track takes you through many wonderful waves of sound.

In The Pit ft. Terror Bass by Lil Jon

Get your trap fix in this week with some Lil Jon. It’s the perfect blend of intense dubstep with some grit.

Gold Love ft. Rosie Oddie by Flux Pavilion

Strong and energetic, “Gold Love” is a must listen.

Netflix n Kill by Dr. Fresch

This short but sick track is worth listening to every second. It features staccatoed sounds accompanied by energetic beats.

Strangest Things by Shisto

Progressive and fun, this track has flute sounds in it. It also has a variety of other interesting and unique sounds.

Fly Kickis (Wax Motif Remix) by AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo

This textured remix contains many layers paired with a consistent main beat.

No Diggity by Chet Faker

“No Diggity” is that classic, smooth tune that we’ll always love.

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday!


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