Mix’s Team Picks on Our Radar

Mix’s Team Picks on Our Radar

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate to create our top ten playlist. Take a listen and enjoy to the tracks we have been jamming to this week!

We Rise by San Holo

This highly listenable track gives lots of fluctuation in levels of sound. It’s a very catchy track that will captivate your ears.

Bittersweet Tragedy (Solstis Remix) by Melanie Martinez

Mix Melanie Martinez with EDM and the result is a moving and powerful song.

Be Happy by FRND

This slow and light track sings about wanting someone to be happy. It is a perfect combination of soft sounds and vocals.

Turn Up The Love by Aluna George

This fun track features many staccatoed sounds with lovely vocals and a slight build up in sound each time the main chorus comes on.

Define ft. Go Freek by Dom Dolla

Upbeat and energetic, this track will make you want to dance and move around.

Miss Primetime ft. Pell by Big Gigantic

Get your trap fix in with “Miss Primetime”. This track is a nice blend of rap with EDM beats and sounds.

Superfriends by Zhu

“Superfriends” layers many sounds together wonderfully in a smooth flow of rhythms.

Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant by Odesza

“Sun Models” plays with many different textured sounds. Everything flows and blends well together in a very harmonious way.

Throwing Elbows by Excision & Space Laces

Headbanging and intense, “Throwing Elbows” lives up to it’s name. You can’t ignore the energy of this riotous track.

Jotaro by Phiso

Dripped in synthetic sounds, this throbbing track brings the heat.  

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday!


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