Mix’s Top 10 Track Picks on Our Radar: TroyBoi, Stirling, Borgore and More

Mix’s Top 10 Track Picks on Our Radar: TroyBoi, Stirling, Borgore and More

Each week the Mix 247 EDM team gathers together to collaborate and create our top 10 playlist of the track on our radar. Take a listen to the songs that made it onto our list and enjoy!

 It’s Wonderful Life by Evilwave

Intense and headbanging, this is a wonderful dubstep track to start the weekend off.

Can’t Hold Me Down ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls by Griz

Griz’s funky jams always bring that feel-good vibe. This track is no exception. Get funky and groovy to this jam.

This It It by 6.AM

If you’re looking for a slower trap sounding ballad, take a listen to this tune.

On My Own ft. Nefera by TroyBoi

Listen to this if you need a reminder how awesome you are just by yourself.

Wolves (Audiovista Remix) by Selena Gomez & Marshmello

This track features lovely Selena’s vocals with some awesome bass and sounds from Marshmello.

Elements by Lindsey Stirling

Have you ever heard violins and dubstep mix? It’s pretty intense and breathtaking. Take a listen.

Psychic Type by Electricity

“Psychic Type” features a variety of fun sounds that go over a main, rhythmic beat.

Butterfly ft. Mimi Page by Bassnectar

Flawless and beautiful like a butterfly, this track flies freely and will take your ears on a journey through space.

Unpredictable (Will Clarke Remix) by Becky Hill

Long and layered, “Unpredictable” features a main beat with accompanying synth sounds and vocals.

Salad Dressing by Borgore

“Would you like the sauce on the salad or the side?” Take a listen to this catchy and fun tune with the sick build up and main beat.

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our top 10 picks for you every Saturday!


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