Mix’s Top Ten Weekly Track Picks on Our Radar

Mix’s Top Ten Weekly Track Picks on Our Radar

As everyone is enjoying their time with friends and family during this holidays take a moment and check out what the Mix 247 EDM team put together for you which doesn’t include holiday music. Each week all of us here at Mix collaborate to create our top ten playlist of the tracks on our radar. We put all the tracks in a playlist just for you. Take a few moments to listen and enjoy!

Break by Party Nails

Pop-like and paired with female vocals, “Break” is a perfect electro-pop way to start your weekend.

Heartless ft. Bright Lights (Kanye West Flip) by Ridvan

Play this track for that person who didn’t treat your heart with the care it deserved. This remix gives Kanye West’s original track an interesting spin.

All Of Me ft. Logic & Rozes by Big Gigantic

Get an emotional trap fix in with this track. Big Gigantic paired up with Logic and Rozes to bring “All Of Me”.

Timestretch by Bassnectar

Layered and harmoniously rich, “Timestretch” gives sound a whole new feeling with this trancy, mesmerizing track.

Carol Of The Bells (Christmas Dubstep Remix) by Arion

With the holidays approaching, I had to throw in some sort of dubstep Christmas tune. Enjoy you little festive ravers!

Something New by Getter

This track features many staccatoed beats with a variety of melodic sounds intertwined into the main rhythm.

Kids (Kore-G Quick Bootleg Remix) by MGMT

The Kore-G Remix gives this track a more upbeat feel with fluid and fresh new sounds and beats.

Celestica by Crystal Castles

Almost eerie with its echoing sound, “Celestica” is an expansive track sure to grab your attention.

Mary Jane by Major Lazer

Combine some funky trumpets and some syncopated speaking and you’ve got the cleverly-written “Mary Jane”.

No Coming Down ft. Alex Wiley & Sky Montique by NGHTMRE

Syncopated with sounds, vocals, and raps, this track is sure to be stuck in your head this week.

Listen to all of the songs above here. What tracks do you have on your radar we should add to our playlist? Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday!


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